Core Values

To question certainties: our world is full of uncertainties and our job is to map possible scenarios and identify the most likely and profitable ones;

Take on new challenges and tasks, always expanding the scope of your work and occupying spaces and opportunities;

Innovative solutions and ability to deliver as weapons to win clients and overcome competitors; creative restlessness to always seek growth and overcoming;

Broad knowledge to innovate and simplify solutions;

Everyone needs to have access to the businesses and the freedom to contribute to established operations and models;

Focus and high degree of delivery to Quadra, considering the best for the business in all decisions; doing things right to preserve our franchise and reputation, including our relationships inside and outside the company.

As part of the Quadra's Success: identifying, recognizing and rewarding talent very well to attract and retain good professionals and perpetuate Quadra;

Everyone on Quadra must have a sense of ownership and act as if they were owners. This attitude means always thinking about whether a certain act or fact is happening in the best interest of Quadra and its businesses and ensuring that this happens, involving everyone on the team in order to allow the best applicable contribution.

Maximum appreciation of intellectual capital and understanding the themes in detail in a technical, creative and contextualized way – we must be respected and recognized for the depth and knowledge in the execution and delivery of our businesses;

Maximum objectivity in executing transactions without getting lost in noise, false restrictions (such as time, availability or possibilities) or concerns typical of executives and not owners.

Maximum and direct appreciation of one’s ability to think and deliver. Those who deliver (in various forms and fronts and regardless of age and/or seniority) must be directly rewarded and recognized. This will allow us to attract the best minds and always oxygenate the partnership.


Open, transparent, plural and dynamic environment. We encourage people to be involved in all stages of a transaction and to take a stand in the conduct of the work, regardless of seniority or prior experience. We value people who are seeking autonomy and who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Desired Profile

Inquisitive and creative people with a continual desire to learn.

Work with Us

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