Our Solutions

Value Construction

Quadra is focused on allocating long-term capital and investing in illiquid assets and structures. The possibility of monetizing illiquid assets and the flexibility of our capital are pillars for creating value for our clients.


Generating Value Beyond Money

In addition to providing transformational capital to our counterparties, Quadra seeks to structure comprehensive solutions involving other stakeholders too.

Flexible Money

We manage more than 35 investment funds with broad mandates focused on investing in sophisticated and long-term transactions.

Investment Platforms

Legal risk
  • Acquisition of credit rights arising from lawsuits of various natures filed against public or private entities;
  • Financing arbitration proceedings; and
  • Acquisition of federal, state or municipal precatórios.
Direct investment in equity
  • Direct or indirect investment in equity in companies;
  • Transactions involving mezzanine or convertible structures.
Structured Operations
  • Investment in credit and/or equity transactions with sophisticated and innovative structures;
  • Solutions built with the client: a team with expertise and creative capacity to develop innovative and customized structures; and
  • Generalist approach and flexible capital: no sectoral focus, no specific type of instrument and/or collateral requirement.

Investment Cases

Acquisition Finance

Funds managed by Quadra invested in an acquisition finance transaction to acquire a company in the telecommunications infrastructure sector.

Margin Loan

Funds managed by Quadra invested in debentures issued by an infrastructure operator guaranteed by shares of a listed company.

DIP Financing

Funds managed by Quadra invested in a credit operation structured as a DIP (debtor in possession), which enabled the conclusion of the judicial reorganization process of a company in the agribusiness sector and the payment of all creditors.